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Over Loch Fee: Finding Connemara

From up on Garraun you can see out along Renvyle peninsula. Glasilaun, Lettergesh, Mullaghloss, and Tullycross somewhere hidden. Names known since I’ve known names.

Distilled summers of wave on wave, collapsing in rushes, scrambling down grassy slopes. The sea so

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Cashel Hill: Finding Connemara

I’m hunched down under a little umbrella, my back against a rock face on the mountainside, and through drumming hail sunlight beams from under a turreted and tendrilled bank of Atlantic cloud.

Cold. Fresh. Soft. The loft-frozen pellets hop and …

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Photos: Furbo Beach and Coast

Winter still on duty:
Drops dusk early
Provokes depressions to jostle over the Atlantic
And this one brings fierce hail,
Stinging along the coast

I run
For poor shelter under wavebashed rock
Scattering sea birds
Into jolted gale-hung grace
And …

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Hundred Year Ago

Dublin 2016

“Proclamayssion two yuuroos! Proclamyssion only two yurooos!”

The proclamations are mostly in the plastic bag, but a few are held up to passers by. Outside the G.P.O., under the narrow pin of the Spire, on the wide, fast food epicentre …

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A Tuesday

driving at night

One day, one camera, one roll of film. Point it at yourself. Try to make it an eye in the sky, a documenter of who you are and where you are and what’s going on one randomly selected day. Dig …

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Berlin by Film

berlin 35mm film Donal Kelly


Layers of city,
History piled on history
Hills of rubble assembled into calm parks
Segways converging on an Opera square outside Humbolt
Car park treads over Adolf’s final bunker
Trabants and Mercedes and the odd Porsche
The Soviet ambitions …

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Máméan: Photos and Words

mamean in galway

Máméan, Pass of the Birds

According to legend, St. Patrick blessed Connemara from a well at the top of the pass, and slept there (“Leaba Padraic”=”Patrick’s bed”), though to my limited knowledge there was stuff going on there before that …