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To surmise

A metronome beats hollow time.

Hollow time, high time… I was on my way. Until everything went a little pale and flipped.

And now my funds run low and I sit lazy and restless.

But I have always been …

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and there it goes…

And there it goes now again,
Trinkets and snippets,
Whipped up in a windless whippet,
Caught and carried through dreamless air
To a foreign lair.

And here I hold you tight again,
As if today’s embrace could shorten
Tomorrow’s distance …

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Been a While

It has been a while. Since last me met. I passed you in the stairwell. You remember how it went?

It’s been a while. Since I found out. The feelings faded finally. But dreams release their pain on me.

It’s …

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Here, now, whatever.
Hard to say if it’s for today or for forever,
What would we know either way?
some day, another,
some day, brother.

Fear now,
Strips and strands.
Plays on his words,
Forgets his hands.

He’s a failure …

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Sky Blue

Work to rule,
A simple fool.
Something crude-
Far too rude.

Sky blue,
Future tell.
Sky blue,
Hope you are well.

Time strapped,
Brain mapped.
Predicted states,
Expensive rates.

Sky blue,
What can I say?
Sky blue,
Some other way…

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still, others othered often bothered…

the key to inner pieces
the one who follows to pick them up
same thoughts in different brains, different times
change afoot and up to no good

splices in all sizes
torn apart asunder…

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Shred first, taste later
The hard-won destruction fakes its toll

Bled first, healthy again,
The softer climates rust the weakly postured

The milk slips over the edge of the bowl

Bits and bobs sieze up and collapse
Litter …

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Another sidelong glance will suffice

it’s all consuming, rest assured
Out the other side for sure
We are beating all around the bush
Breaking bottles in a rush

Nearly ready to be fooled,
Prepare and sharpen your sharpest tools
Almost time to draw the line…

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Cultural Evolution

Feck it! We’ll throw the empty books on the fire,
And feck them! While they burn we’ll be warm.
But it won’t be long before the flames dip down,
And we lose all sight of shape and form.

And in …

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The No Epiphanies Bandwagon (humble drums)

The No Epiphanies Bandwagon is grating on the ear
And the Lost Articulate Abominables Collection is too far away to hear
While the Belated Reasonable retraction anomalies sit further to the rear


The clearing of clogged throats must continue …

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Inert Chaos seeks new keywords

Particles and their anti’s locked in existential war
Boiling emptiness snapping in and out of being
From a distance seems the signals beemed alive

How does it begin?

Ideas, restrained and hamstrung,
Tied to the starting blocks,…

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Capo 4th fret

G Am C D

Haven’t you heard?

They’re taking pictures of your mind

Haven’t you learned?

It’s getting far too dark to find

Simple and straight,

Soft spoken silence leaves it late

Stand up and turn

Her …