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still, others othered often bothered…

the key to inner pieces
the one who follows to pick them up
same thoughts in different brains, different times
change afoot and up to no good

splices in all sizes
torn apart asunder
excuses for all causes
ripped away to wonder

what excuse has the universe,
to be as it as and not other?

oh crap, stilted and sinking, slipping indistinctly

  • the most cutting of fleetings

yet each last second in comfort more precious still till
the end of the line has finally materialised

shifting, value-uncentred, the spread of technology,

out, burn, in, burn,

twisted wrangling indifferent spindled,
rolled in boxes and marched to the edges

oh bollox oh bollox oh

heart beset on all sides by the humdrum of heavy beats

restart, reset, repeat

what the heck,

and what the heck the last time, and the time before that… the same heck to feck

validation not included

the flapping crow is swallowed by the embrace of waiting outstretched tree limbs

the price of the penalty pursued passed by

the price of desertion left alone left idle

who, who and why,

spit a hard spit and sell off your kit.

nothings added up, added up, time to leave and get to bed and fail again tomorrow.

that burning removed, improved, shot down and


and (soak it up till sagging burst)

psssh! Toss words away,
no value left to give

I am reborn, again, and am stupid
I will have to relearn the other kind of stupidity
The less naive and more designed
Habit inhibit and hide

enough of this raggedy fatalism!
Kerboom!! (restart, reset, repeat)

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