Donal Kelly is from Galway, Ireland.

He works with both film and digital photography.

He likes to explore textures, light, life, and cutting slices of passing moment to be seen in other passing moments.

He has a lot of photographs of Connemara and Galway. He likes coastlines, islands, and edges.

He develops his film at home and scans it. He likes how it has physicality and takes time. He likes the textures of surfaces and how they blur and distort. He struggles to keep them organised.

He likes to revisit places, doing laps of a course and trying to see something different each time.

He writes short stories but they are hard to finish, even the shortest ones. He feels that it is difficult to establish a voice.

He likes to use a Hasselblad medium format camera. Sometimes it jams. He uses mostly Ilford film but also Kodak, Fuji, Rollei. Basically anything he can find. He almost always uses Rodinal as a developer because he knows the amounts off by heart and it doesn’t go off.

He likes expired film and multiple exposures. He is not sure he has ever caught a pure decisive moment, and is not sure if they exist.

He has photographed a bunch of weddings, and created a photobook album for each one. It was very slow.

He would like to explore more regions and ideas,

the pastness of nows,

self as accumulation,

etc etc etc

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