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On Turning an Age

What have I learned but
Somethings about nothings
Heart is wild animal
Wild animal is pilot.

Life is absence much as presence,
names, stones, the splitting of sticks
missyous strewn across the holy scape like erratics.
Cavern …

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Tiger Wake

The Celtic Tiger, stone dead.
Isn’t it awful, awful?
She wandered onto the M6
Somewhere near Kinnegad,
Into the brute smack
Of a Lidl truck going west.

The heft of headlines, snap rage.
Isn’t it a real disgrace?
Someone left …

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Poem: Us & Then (Exabyte)

Us & Then (Exabyte)

Billows of dust
Thickened and dry
Colour of rust
Blotting the sky

Comments flicker in the fallen night
(A trillion stars in a trillion galaxies)
Flickering, bickering, faraway old light of
1000000000000000000000000 stars

Go on, get …

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Solstice on Skye Road

To watch from a distance
the world settle in for its night
from a bank high up under the Skye Road
where I can make out
comforting lights in windows
cars in their driveways
and the beam of a lighthouse …

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Poem: Breaking News

people in dublin

This poem is called Breaking News

This is it guys
It’s happening
Clear the decks
This is breaking
I want pictures
Get the victim names
Find them on Facebook
Cross reference with LinkedIn:
We need names, faces, stories, now

Quick …

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I am (Poem)

road connemara maam 35mm film

I am

The car jolts and rocks along the track, as though dragged by chains to a chased beast.

I am the beast.

The indistinct greyed-over bogs and swollen rivers coming down the hills whish by the windows

I am

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Máméan: Photos and Words

mamean in galway

Máméan, Pass of the Birds

According to legend, St. Patrick blessed Connemara from a well at the top of the pass, and slept there (“Leaba Padraic”=”Patrick’s bed”), though to my limited knowledge there was stuff going on there before that …

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Poem: The Little Things

The smallest thing; flap of a finch’s wing
Dart of a blackbird’s eye
Rising of spring from buried roots with a cry

Strange to be here again
Late, behind schedule, delayed, out of time,
Yet back at the beginning, where …

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Poem: Solutions

Do not forget me when the door clicks shut
Let me linger and fidget as a breeze
I would prefer to persist
Like the smell of toast or coffee or Febreeze
And my foregone exit resist

The lake at its

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Poem: Rainy Day in Renvyle

low clouds and rain in Maam valley Connemara

Rainy Day in Renvyle

Rain sweeps across the wide open,
Clouds rolling in from the west,
Tears from the sky set in motion
Blown by a wind that won’t rest.

Ceaseless the changes chase over,
The shelterless landscape at speed.…

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The Critic

When she pressed on her glasses and drew the words near
Their shape and their meaning began to ring clear
The humdrum around her then faded away
And her mind drifted back to an earlier day

Where raucous and ready …

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Cast it back,
Cast it out,
Freckled innocence,
Blooming doubt…

The present is the presence of past.
Wrap and preserve it since nothing will last?


If daily we have the same lessons,
And become as the message itself…

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Thus ends…

Thus ends the age of exploration
Now Rules of Grammar and stuffy constants constrain
Fixed and steady, RIGID and arbitrary
While whipped on a whippet of wind,
Deserted, rejected, injected and binned,
Age turns the skin inside out
And indoors …

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winter water levels lough corrib


Here comes the flood
The beat of rain in the dark,
Here comes the water,
Streams of pain make their mark.

A shoreline appears,
From the stone come angry waves,
A sinking in tears,
Of moments that nobody saves…