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Poem: Solutions

Do not forget me when the door clicks shut
Let me linger and fidget as a breeze
I would prefer to persist
Like the smell of toast or coffee or Febreeze
And my foregone exit resist

The lake at its bloated winter zenith
Broad boatless surface burying slowly in its creep
The low jutting piers, the barks of scrawny trees
The green shore of summer now sunk grey deep

I would prefer to retreat
Like a high tide leaving things hidden
In the sand beneath our feet

The river blasting down its dug channel’s funnel
Mudbrown foaming rage hurtling against stubborn city concrete
The bridge’s pillars below my old borrowed Peugeot
Mudbrown roar muffled around the tinny engine drone

Do not desert me as I try to wade
From dream to dream, apologising in between
Clinging to the warmth of a snug burrowed bed
Hiding from decisions or what they mean
Wishing the weather would dictate my fate
Wash me into winter’s furrowed stream

January 2014

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