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Song: Lightseeking

Wrote this a few weeks ago and wanted to record a demo over the Christmas. On the last day of the year I managed to record a very basic version that I can work from.

Chords: C#m A (5th) E and C#m B E Bit samey, may need a bridge and some variety


Now I’m curled up in a ball
Need to walk since I can’t crawl
Now I’m hiding in the pockets of your warmth
It heats us all

Now I’m searching for a shoe
Need to find a way to you
But what I’m finding is that all I am
Is the sum of what I do

Now I’m running down the stairs
Chasing days and chasing wares
Now I’m counting every step away
From the places my heart tears

And I’m dying to see the light
While I’m trying to seize the day
You cannot win if you will not fight
Or love without losing your way

Now I’m stumbling down a road
Taking heat for being cold
And I’m feeling every metre from
The comfort of your hold.

Now I’m waiting on the street
As the rain falls down in sheets
While my mind is getting soaked from all the
flowing thoughts it leaks.

Now I’m balanced on a chair
Drinking toasts to you somewhere
While my clothes dry out and I wrestle doubt
For the love in the world out there

Now an older man sits near
And he tries to tell me clear
To count my blessings and count my scars
Because they all add up to what we are

Other verse, not recorded
(Now I’m curled up in a bed
waiting for the dreams I’ve fed
On the ways I grow and go toe to toe
With the emptiness and dread)

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