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Notes from the blunderground

Haven’t been on Twitter since Russia invaded Ukraine. Hot takes, meme noise, and am-i-the-asshole all powerless when that nasty power-bloated shit decided to assert his vision as of course, guns and bombs, death, blood and soil.

Today I’m trying to …

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Fragments, #438

I will go to the cafe, pull up the chair at the table by the window, and become at once both swallowed by the world as if sucked into the gob of a passing fish, and a poster of this …

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Song: Lightseeking

Wrote this a few weeks ago and wanted to record a demo over the Christmas. On the last day of the year I managed to record a very basic version that I can work from.

Chords: C#m A (5th) E …

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A new brood of Swans

Mute swans, Cygnus olor, are a common sight on Lough Corrib. Cygnets are rarer, but this couple have a healthy flock of five following bundles of grey. They chirp as they trail after their parents, darting after anything edible …

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Galway,May 10th, 2013

Showery, bright in between. Meeting people that you know randomly on the street. Walking an hour from a broken down car to a locked office. Wandering around doing errands.
Field of Grass, Galway
Glenlo Abbey Golf Course Tree
View from Glenlo, Galway
Kelehens Bar Galway
Galway Cathedral
Galway City Buildings
Ferris Wheel, the Docks, Galway
Eyre Square, Galway
Wall and Door, The Docks, Galway
Loading a Bouy onto the ILV Granauile, The Docks, Galway
Loading a Bouy onto the ILV Granauile, The Docks, Galway
Glór na Mara, Galway
The Claddagh and the river, Galway
The Spanish Arch, Galway
View From the Wolfe Towne Bridge, Galway
Raven Terrace, Galway

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Wonderful Things

Up and down, so it goes. repeat something often enough, it becomes a mantra. The good with the bad. i wrote a song about acknowledging in a time of loss that good things can happen. The cold winter earth harbours …

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The Mountain

A short short story about two small brats and one big hill.

Serena and Andrew were 7 and 8 years old, respectively, when they climbed the mountain. It took them a full day to get to the top and when …

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Good Together

LISTEN!: [audio:|titles=Good Together]

Another day, another song. This time I returned to Audacity, downloaded the latest version along with the package of plugins and the decoders (to export mp3s). I used Fruityloops to create a basic rhythm track after I …

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Moods of Conamara

Rain tumbles down. From the swift clouds that scrape over the maamturks it pours onto the boggy land below. The wipers of the aging Peugeot van snicksnack across the windscreen as I drive the winding road north from Oughterard. With …

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36 Hours in Transit

July 15th, 08:00, Busan, Korea.
Torrential morning. Last morning. Feels like no plane could get up out of this rain. But bags to pack and a bike to box, already hot and sticky and late. Time for a haircut? Up …

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Never Effortless

It feels colder than the reports, the promises of July burdened by skies of rain and mist. The summer has dragged I’m told, a few spits of kind soft green weather between the canopies of grey. Still, the beauty is …

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Leaving Busan

Rain is hammering down outside, striking its damp intricate melody on the cacophony of roofs and streets. How could it be rainy season again? Where did the year go?

The shapeless sprawl of Busan took a long time to imprint …

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The Long Span

The long span, a slice of sky stretched from border to border, time ticked by a bird’s wing on the wind. Morning shuffling from door to door, knocking quietly with soft insistent knuckles, on the heads of the dream-enclosed. Spring …

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You Khan do it.

The scale of information on the Internet is exploding. But can it be harnessed to deliver quality education, and can this make it to the concrete classroom? If one teacher can give 91 million lessons… then yes it Khan.

If …