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Over Loch Fee: Finding Connemara

From up on Garraun you can see out along Renvyle peninsula. Glasilaun, Lettergesh, Mullaghloss, and Tullycross somewhere hidden. Names known since I’ve known names.

Distilled summers of wave on wave, collapsing in rushes, scrambling down grassy slopes. The sea so

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Cashel Hill: Finding Connemara

I’m hunched down under a little umbrella, my back against a rock face on the mountainside, and through drumming hail sunlight beams from under a turreted and tendrilled bank of Atlantic cloud.

Cold. Fresh. Soft. The loft-frozen pellets hop and …

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Solstice on Skye Road

To watch from a distance
the world settle in for its night
from a bank high up under the Skye Road
where I can make out
comforting lights in windows
cars in their driveways
and the beam of a lighthouse …

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Poem: Rainy Day in Renvyle

low clouds and rain in Maam valley Connemara

Rainy Day in Renvyle

Rain sweeps across the wide open,
Clouds rolling in from the west,
Tears from the sky set in motion
Blown by a wind that won’t rest.

Ceaseless the changes chase over,
The shelterless landscape at speed.…