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In Need Of…

In need of

Stripped down, the workmanship laid bare,
Twisted knuckles hang in the air.
At the doorway, pause, freeze, statue-solid,
Like you had never read and your ghost had just disappeared,
And armies marched across your …

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Here, now, whatever.
Hard to say if it’s for today or for forever,
What would we know either way?
some day, another,
some day, brother.

Fear now,
Strips and strands.
Plays on his words,
Forgets his hands.

He’s a failure …

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Thus ends…

Thus ends the age of exploration
Now Rules of Grammar and stuffy constants constrain
Fixed and steady, RIGID and arbitrary
While whipped on a whippet of wind,
Deserted, rejected, injected and binned,
Age turns the skin inside out
And indoors …

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Fear Uncertainty Doubt

an outpouring of fragmented images and scattershot thought

Cathedral hum
Buzz of the racks of servers
Hooded servants tending to their machines
Absorbed in the satisfying drone
About their business bound
In the hush of the deserted…

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The No Epiphanies Bandwagon (humble drums)

The No Epiphanies Bandwagon is grating on the ear
And the Lost Articulate Abominables Collection is too far away to hear
While the Belated Reasonable retraction anomalies sit further to the rear


The clearing of clogged throats must continue …

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Lazy Day Limbo

Does it move?
Is it dead?
Look at him poke it now with a stick, oh it comes to life and throws a kick,
And blinded by a waking rage, rattles the world against its cage…

Day, over. Can’t quite …