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Here, now, whatever.
Hard to say if it’s for today or for forever,
What would we know either way?
some day, another,
some day, brother.

Fear now,
Strips and strands.
Plays on his words,
Forgets his hands.

He’s a failure too,
Can’t keep his cool.
Endgame gives no answers,
Flow of the fool.

Break in the stop in the stop in the break in the
hard angles leaning over shoulders take or make.
Empty insults, Ignorant thrills, sudden spills,
Faith in the world, faith in the hills.

Faith in the world, sister.
Faith in the feeling of things.
Faith in your hate, mister?
Faith in the future it brings?

Here, now, remembered, discovered.
Suspended innards dismembered recovered,
Time to go,
Folded inwards, bent towards.

Warm coccoon,
Feathered nest.
Strong foundations,
Forget the rest.

Say it in riddles,
Say it in rhyme,
Meaningless whistles,
Literary crime.

Painting by numbers,
Painting by night.
Raggedy wonders,
Facing the light…

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