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Season Shift

[audio:|titles=Season Shift]

Oh, have you landed, have you stopped?
When no one demanded that you dropped.

Autumn leaves are falling at our feet.
And summer’s rays are running out of heat.

Oh, our season’s out of fashion now.
Slowly reasons shouted quieten down.

Weathered trees are waiting for their wind.
Can’t stand up if you refuse to bend.

Hold your horses or they’ll bolt.
Shoulder the burdens that you must hold.

Life happens when you’ve turned your back
Time disappears when no one’s keeping track.

But getting lost is how we find our way, from falling night to dawning day, through seasons shifting round the sun, we undergo and overcome.

When every line has question marks attached,
Time spend doubting now is never matched.

So you’ve changed your hairstyle and your clothes.
Though you’ve kept the same smile as you’ve grown.

Autumn breezes filling up our ears.
As summer’s rays give way to winter’s tears.

chords: verse, G C D? (C chord shape moved from fret 3 to fret 5)
chorus, Am D

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