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Poem: Us & Then (Exabyte)

Us & Then (Exabyte)

Billows of dust
Thickened and dry
Colour of rust
Blotting the sky

Comments flicker in the fallen night
(A trillion stars in a trillion galaxies)
Flickering, bickering, faraway old light of
1000000000000000000000000 stars

Go on, get a good kick in now, and
Feel the rush of a boot point scored
A fist in the face of – oh such a punchable face –
They that say, They own the way.

Better the dust,
Hunker below,
Bunkered in crust:
Devil you know.

Us and them assemble again online
(1 megabyte of terabytes of data)
Armed and barbed and certain as hell of our
1000000000000000000000000 bytes

Us and Them and then and then
Only an idiot would think like that
Or like that, or that, or that and
What else have you got?

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