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Poem: Notifications (5)

The body it waits, all tensed up
For the next sudden ping,
[New message]
And from the top of the stomach,
When it hits,
Nerves spark and jitter.

The body is wired from the mind to the world,
[Permission required for 3 updates]
And tuned into so many sensory patterns
That warn, condemn, or condone,
[Rachel P commented on your status]
As traffic lights do our daily commute;
[Joe Below also commented on your status]
sentinels of safety.

[1 missed call at 20:19]

Our alarms are reverse engineered
[@fstopinfinifty started following you]
From the leafy world of ancestors,
Where survival depended upon
[@liveeverymoment liked your photo]
Knowing which notification meant run,
[You have 1 new friend request]
And which meant hide.

[open wifi detected]

The body is tired, and alone in bed,
But the phone it beeps;
[New message (2)]
One hundred miles away
[New message (3)]
She is tapping a screen-
Sending out alarms
[New message (4)]
To rustle a body’s wiring.

[Low battery: Please plug in your charger]

How we crave to commit our attention,
[4 people viewed your profile]
To relevant updates and bytes,
[reminder: meeting at 2pm]
Scrolling through days,
[Breaking News: Uber Shooter arrested]
From so far away,
[restart required]
Hanging on the next sincere reminder,
[Installing updates (2/3). Do not switch off]
That we remain plugged in,
[Configuring 99%]
Worthy of remark,
And are only guilty of being
Easily Hacked

[@walterberlin79 favorited your tweet]

How did we ever survive without them?
[No service. Emergency calls only]

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