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Song: Born Willing

Born willing, fire inside,
Voice wailing “I’m alive”
Torn silence, punctured peace
Time feeling ill at ease

Bruised knuckles, bloody knees
Some learning never heals
Pied pipers peddle lies
Plastic halos, hiding eyes

Born willing, every morn
More able, more …

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Song: Cutouts

In the winter of the will where we have parked,
There are new words dealing in the dark,
Out you go – all you know.
In the time spun off the clock where we are sinking,
There are distant pretty …

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See You

[audio:|titles=See You]

Brief Lives, surprised.

Lately, closed Eyes.

Soft touch, sweet rush.

Wasted, pulled punch.

See you, Follow through.

See you, Feel So blue.

Who spoke? Bad joke.

Hardly, half broke.

Good times, good things.

Poor rhymes, round swings.


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Baby it’s too hard to say it, but too late to stop,
In a moment it’s all gone for good.
And I can’t help but feeling, that this is the top.
We’ve taken as much as we could.

Now …

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Notes from Underground

Demo: [audio:|titles=Notes From the Underground]

You been running away, calling out names
And it’s a lot on your plate, give it away
ohh, down, to the underground
ohh down, away from the crowd

Too long hanging around, and you know …

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a whole lot of nothing

a whole lot of nothing
say where you been gone,
the only thing I know is that

the end is a coming,
leading us along,
party at your house but the

doors are all locked and
windows boarded up,
weeds …

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Distorted Expressions of Selfness

I’ve worked too long to let it go
My grip, the fit, the form, the flow,
Holding on and holding off for something slow

Words, a theme, some random tune,
Your smile, my frown, the cresent moon,
Hanging on and …

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Easy in your own skin?

Are you easy
In your own skin?
Does it take a lot of work
just to feel that you fit in?

Should we try this hard to be ourselves
When the force distorts our simple loves?

I see your gaze …