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Notes from Underground

Demo: [audio:|titles=Notes From the Underground]

You been running away, calling out names
And it’s a lot on your plate, give it away
ohh, down, to the underground
ohh down, away from the crowd

Too long hanging around, and you know you’re not moving
It’s the same old story that you’re really improving
ohh, down, picking up purpose
all round, riches are worthless

You’ve been Lying awake and waiting for someone
but your patience is shot, you chase away what comes
And I don’t know how you can wait for your life
No I don’t know how you can wait on your love
I don’t know how you can wait for the man above
I don’t know how you can wait all your life

When the weather is wintery
But your clothes are not worn
You can afford to go spend
But you just cannot own
And your charity unchallenged
You are drifting away
And hopelessly groping see
It fade as you start to say

You been playing your cards, and coming up trumps
But they’re just playing along, to make themselves feel good
As they go down, and follow the sound
ohh go, no use sticking around

down here
In the pits of your mind
down here
Don’t know what you might find

le chords: Em C G D

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