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What Good Is It Gonna Do Us?

demo: [audio:|titles=What Good Is it Gonna Do Us?]

Running from your lovers to the covers of the others who will tell you they are brothers and then dissapear for ever and they never say, that do they?
Calling all the …

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Real Heart


So a verse-
Am G D (fingerpicked)
G Bm C G as a chorus
The verse and chorus don’t sit that well, not a totally natural transition, but it does sound ok.

Then lyrics…

I guess it’s a …

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Season Shift

[audio:|titles=Season Shift]

Oh, have you landed, have you stopped?
When no one demanded that you dropped.

Autumn leaves are falling at our feet.
And summer’s rays are running out of heat.

Oh, our season’s out of fashion now.
Slowly reasons …

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See You

[audio:|titles=See You]

Brief Lives, surprised.

Lately, closed Eyes.

Soft touch, sweet rush.

Wasted, pulled punch.

See you, Follow through.

See you, Feel So blue.

Who spoke? Bad joke.

Hardly, half broke.

Good times, good things.

Poor rhymes, round swings.


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Somebody New, Somebody Now

Under my arm, books full of winding words.
Wonderful yarns, pointing out to other worlds.
Under some spell, can’t see past this week.
Giving it hell, inheriting from the meek.

Driving from the back seat, car won’t slow down.
Waking …

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lost keys

on the edge of the world
stand alone at the waves
in the back of your mind
where you going to be saved?

we are stealing from the future
We are dreaming hollow rhyme
we have borrowed many fortunes
we …

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last minute checks

[audio:|titles=Last Minute Checks]You say that
you’re climbing
Always inspiring, without a clue
You say you’re still growing
Only unfolding, now look at you

When you’re positively,
Floating on empty, what can you do?
You’re totally open,
Made to be broken, …

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Baby it’s too hard to say it, but too late to stop,
In a moment it’s all gone for good.
And I can’t help but feeling, that this is the top.
We’ve taken as much as we could.

Now …

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Notes from Underground

Demo: [audio:|titles=Notes From the Underground]

You been running away, calling out names
And it’s a lot on your plate, give it away
ohh, down, to the underground
ohh down, away from the crowd

Too long hanging around, and you know …

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On the Up and Up

one more time again
ever expanding speeches
trading off the win
to burn away the leeches

will never pass this way
not your kind of place
Though I can live with that
I’d much prefer to stay


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a whole lot of nothing

a whole lot of nothing
say where you been gone,
the only thing I know is that

the end is a coming,
leading us along,
party at your house but the

doors are all locked and
windows boarded up,
weeds …

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Your stare is following the sound
I can’t be found, I’m not around
And though we’re trying hard,
We’re losing touch, caught in this rush

We go moving up the board
For nothing much, the greater good.
We …

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Another sidelong glance will suffice

it’s all consuming, rest assured
Out the other side for sure
We are beating all around the bush
Breaking bottles in a rush

Nearly ready to be fooled,
Prepare and sharpen your sharpest tools
Almost time to draw the line…

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Distorted Expressions of Selfness

I’ve worked too long to let it go
My grip, the fit, the form, the flow,
Holding on and holding off for something slow

Words, a theme, some random tune,
Your smile, my frown, the cresent moon,
Hanging on and …

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Scattershot (blues)

On you lead.

On the hour.

I’ve got the grey-day roundabout blues,
And why should I not pick and choose?
The city closes in again you lose.
Scattershot me, living askew

Raw Power,
In a cage,

Dead Flower,…

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Money in the meter,
Honey in my head
Money in the meter,
Frozen in my bed

Hardly in the moment
Hurry, get ahead, but
Barely any movement,
Somewhere else instead.

And oh the restless guests they are not feeling …

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Room to move

CH: C G Am F (with variations)

Standing in a queue
People doing what they do
Headphones blocking out the sound
It’s like there’s no-one else around

Outside everything seems fine
Pople standing in a line.
Paint is fading on …

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spilling over

Up at the dawn with an eye to the breeze
Still half asleep with a head full of dreams
The cool air is clear here it fills up my lungs
The night put behind me left speaking in tongues


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Easy in your own skin?

Are you easy
In your own skin?
Does it take a lot of work
just to feel that you fit in?

Should we try this hard to be ourselves
When the force distorts our simple loves?

I see your gaze …

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Falling through cracks


He knows knothing about things like this,
Drifting along in a twist.
Falling behind, failing to find,
A place that will give peace of mind

He’s just a trier, too honest to boot,
What you have you can …