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fIre and nIce

Fire smile light touch time

You got more fire
Than you you know how to deal with
Than you know how to deal with
(you got more) Fire
Than you know how to keep inside

You got a great …

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More of the Same

they say that things change with time
but I just keep changing my mind
baby please don’t always keep what you find
the world’s deep but we’re falling behind

I hear age teaches a lesson,
I’m repeating some old …

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An attempt at a traditional ballad. The speaker is wondering how he managed to dream away his life and let love and friendship languish… when he was young he dreamed of the future, then he tried to forget his distracted

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motivate (the side)

what’s my motivation,
does it get a top ovation?
have I spent too long a-knockin on your door?

what’s my dedication,
will it stand the time of waiting?
Do I have the right of standing on that …