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Someone’s Gotta

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Someone’s Gotta

Le Chords
Am F G Em
Am F G

Am Em F G
Am Em G

Verse 1
you have tried to change so much
feel the world the way they could
All the while the weight is getting lighter by the day.

step away and hold that thought,
concentrate and focus hard.
Wheels are falling off but
It’s gonna be okay.

Someone’s gotta do it,
in the end
Now we’re getting through it,
We’re on the mend.

Someone’s gotta do it,
Every (single) time,
Now we’re getting through it,
We’re feeling fine

Solo (Over verse rhythm)

Verse 2
Time is moving softly by
Pushing off the reasons why
Reach into the floating sky
While you can

Destiny is just a word
Fate is how we find the world
Say it like you mean it
Could be true



Verse 3
Progress is a circle’s edge
Looping in my little head
Learning off just what was said
Not enough

Our education is complete
Now we have no one to greet
The trick is in the way we meet
What we find.



baby it’s hard, when it comes, and you feel yourself alone
you know you hold, in your heart, that place


Someone’s gotta do it,
No matter how it starts
And I know that we’ll get through it
If we open up our hearts.

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