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Incredible Developments Afoot

Since nobody reads anything except the headlines, I can put anything here in the body. Since the world is a stagnent overflow of steaming information, I can expect to be lost in its mass. My, hasn’t everything changed so much in the last few decades. I cannot keep apace. I am stripped of a general opinion. I will resort to my headlines

Incredible Developments Afoot

Massive Impinging Facts

Gay Man kills Nun Lover in Gangland Shootout Plane Crash

details to follow. details to sate your morish lust. We are slaves to the RSS feeds, we gorge on their snippet dose, our minds addicted to their popping growth. Update me. Download me. Ingest me. Eject me. Delete me. Erase me. Boot me up, beat me down… Ain’t it strange, how I’m getting around. Computer speak and computer verse, from the crowded house to the waiting hearse. details to flesh out the headline? details to back it up? Virtual chasms and endless linking arms, networked and interwoven strands in virtual lands.

As a lonely byte, I do not tolerate this plight.

As an unknown bit, I see the fire being lit.

Vacillating under the vacant sky, the horizon mocks my moving eye.

From the audience in our heads, with no people present, to a high def new world, with all meaning absent. Spat forth from the hips and gut, a leak of the empty that fattens the glut.

details to follow. In transit tomorrow. Update that post, abandon it quick, stifle the moment, chase your own stick.

One thought on “Incredible Developments Afoot

  1. I know what you mean. Just remembered I had a blog (what a stupid “word”) and said I’d take a look. My own noise joins that of billions, like the clicking sound of two hands typing lost in a universe of (op)pressed keyboards. “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity” — vain and in vain, etc.

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