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Song: Deep Blue Eyes

demo memo recorded in Baurisheen. Crows scratching the air in the back garden. Early September 2019. Look at where the time has gone, how is this possible?

See the line, it’s far away but
Getting closer all the time
I turn my back, try to run, but
Can’t escape what’s in my mind.

Anyway, anywhere, it is waiting
For a slip, for a fall, for my failing.

Under the boards of all our floors is a hollow space
Where we confide in what we hide in our shadows’
Deep blue eyes
That recognise us
Our secret sides and
Our trapdoor smiles.

See his box, concede, I’m in it
It’s all I’e got, so paper thin
Salutate my loves, my limits
Something’s loose under my skin.

This is a simple salute to the wisps of our shadows and the rustles in our nights. You never know when a fog will fall, a darkness drop, a day fall away. It’s not something that can be outran, and sometimes you sit and confide, and stare into its pools of eyes, dark blue and wide. Sink or swim.

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