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Inert Chaos seeks new keywords

Particles and their anti’s locked in existential war
Boiling emptiness snapping in and out of being
From a distance seems the signals beemed alive

How does it begin?

Ideas, restrained and hamstrung,
Tied to the starting blocks,
Mindful of false dawns and previous failures
Now moving till the motion locks,
Force applied and in its equal opposed,
Force frozen- will and power deposed.
Now, the ticking of the clocks.

And where does it go?

A thousand welcomes in that half-smile,
No entreaties or paperwork- but fleshy cogs are whirring
In the silence our buzzing brains stirring,
Stay or go, say or know, halting in the flow,
Currents confused combining so slow,
A formal state of blurring

But what does that mean?

It means a little and a lot,
what you have you have not,
The mere mention of their vapour trails sets them free,
The following of their paths fails and lets them flee,
Passing over pressing brittle flower petals, or
pressing closer precious instant metals,
closer still the soft edges of a hungry pause,
refuge from the alloy’s flaws.

I’m not convinced…

Particles and articles in plays on words
Memes of meaning whipped across the world
Future dreams sucked back into the fossils of the curled

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