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The No Epiphanies Bandwagon (humble drums)

The No Epiphanies Bandwagon is grating on the ear
And the Lost Articulate Abominables Collection is too far away to hear
While the Belated Reasonable retraction anomalies sit further to the rear


The clearing of clogged throats must continue anon.
The clanging of humble drums must hit you and run.

Keep us in mind, when you go inside,
We will be waiting, but not forever…
Keep us in mind, when you go inside,
When retreating, we’ll go together.


The force of friction heats the coming fix,
Melts emotions kneaded in the mix.
I stand alone on edges just to think,
But in the soft I soon begin to sink.

And high above a sulking sky persists,
So sudden solid left behind and last-
Rooted there I lie and shake my fists,
Erratic chase eroded far too fast.

You are spending too much time indoors my friend,
Where shadows creeping deeper cast their shade-
The light of day will pass you by and end,
Inside the stale remains all love will fade.


The No Epiphanies Bandwagon is chuckling where it waits,
Abondon hope all ye who mock in vain.
The last approaching runner races late,
These boats of yours will not hold back the rain.

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