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They've moved out and I'm still here

Another look at empty rooms left waiting
I see you leaving and you see me fade away
It’s not the distance it’s the gaps we’re making
It’s not the distance it’s the lies in the things we say

Don’t know if it’s true, you’re better off without.
I can see right through, you’re close enough to shout.
I never meant to miss you when you’re not about.

The light is changing every day, i’m wheeling.
Such simple words can take away the feeling
And every answer still escapes me now,
it’s just a question of getting some meaning out.

You have to get real about your love and your remarks
You have to reach out to pull yourself back from the dark
For just a second, spare just a second (spark).

You can’t go back, can’t retrace your past,
But looking forward there’s a space here for your heart.
The world is filling up too fast for us to turn,
From our grasp it’s falling and we can’t just run.

I got it so bad that when it comes it breaks me up
And fills my head with endless kinds of sorry stuff
I haven’t noticed, you hadn’t noticed us.

I play a role that I feel is crude,
I’m getting older and have yet to make a mark.
I have a hunger but it’s not for food-
I’m trying to find another way to bite my bark.

It’s new to me, I didn’t think i’d feel this doubt.
New to be so lost, I don’t know what it’s all about.
I need to get out, I need to get it (out)…

I have a following they keep me up to date,
I have a longing for the things you love to hate.
So very easy- let my head get out of tune.
So many moments that are out of sight too soon.

You’re going nowhere, want to follow there
I haven’t stopped to rest, and i do not care
Go get it off your chest, see if you still dare,
Go get it off your chest, see if you will play fair…

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