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Damage Control Central (Take a Shot)

Demo (Fragment): [audio:|titles=takeAShot]

Come take a shot at it
Target you can’t miss
In your crosshairs still
If you don’t I will

In your hands I see a weapon
In your eyes I see a light

Come lift away the layers
Peeling back the skin
Damaged from the tear
Healing by your skill

In our minds I fear a vacuum
In our hearts I feel a fight

Go trespass on my land
Pull down all the locks
Open all my gates
let the prisoners out

On your side a sense of wonder
In your day a distant night

The truth is raw inside
An open handed fist
Want you by my side
So you cannot miss

In your hands I put a weapon
In your head I put a choice

In your hands I see a weapon
In your head I hear a voice…

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