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Falling through cracks


He knows knothing about things like this,
Drifting along in a twist.
Falling behind, failing to find,
A place that will give peace of mind

He’s just a trier, too honest to boot,
What you have you can lose if you hear too much truth.
Choosing a road, hatching a plan,
Navigate ways, become who you are.

He’s gone, gone,
Falling through cracks in his mind.
And we’re on, on, just deliver your lines when it’s time.

Into the wind, and the air, and the sky
From passive existence, dramatic cry
Sand of a desert, grains of a love,
Scattered away, blown from above.

Hours ticking over, restless machine,
Remorseless reminder of places we’ve been
I know nothing about anything I say
Just trying to make sense and stay sane for today

She’s gone, gone,
Fallen through cracks in the ground
And we’re on, on, delicate souls all around

So it won’t go the way it’s supposed to
Dreams getting smashed on the shore
When they turn and they leave with a piece of your heart
You want them to come back for more…

Try to get closer
But for you it’s over
I need to forget to survive
Still have that longing
Believing belonging
To the pains of being alive

It’s gone, gone,
Falling through cracks that are tearing apart
We’re on, on, paths that are pointing away in the dark…

It’s gone,
Falling through cracks where there’s no going back
We’re on, arrows of light in the black

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