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motivate (the side)

what’s my motivation,
does it get a top ovation?
have I spent too long a-knockin on your door?

what’s my dedication,
will it stand the time of waiting?
Do I have the right of standing on that floor?

And I know I have been drifting
We have all been caught not listning
There are others who are drifting to our side.

Have you found the registration,
did you file for your migration?
Are those wings in working order for this air?

Are we mindfull of our station,
stuck beyond some arbitration?
Stress the strain to breaking
point the way too far.

And I know we have been watching
What the swindled men are catching.
There are more than us just watching from the side.

Can I hope to find fulfillment,
or dull restless entertainment?
Networked and not working on the soul.

Am I following or leading,
in confusion we are dealing,
hands of cards their faces leaning to the whole.

And I know not what I’m doing,
We are waiting for the moving
Maybe others are just keeping up our side.

And I know that time is sliding,
When our gaps are ever widening.
Can they handle when they’re driving off the side?

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