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Hello world!

Liftoff- Hello, Cruel World.

On your Marks!…  Get Set!… … er… <twiddles thumbs>… I think I need to sit down. I was sure I had something worth saying a minute ago. I mean, who doesn’t? Surely everyone has a useful opinion? It’s very quiet in here. Very vacant. Lots of buttons for doing cool stuff, changing the appearance and viewing comments. Great! But what about the content? Why, that is mine to choose and present, mine to discuss and ferment.

Rebirth is a Fake

Phew, a paragraph completed, stammering forth on groggy second-old legs, into the blinding glare of a busy new world, steaming with the heat of a recent womb. Great! Like being reborn! Now there’s a decent theme that resonates in many a mind. Yes sir, with this here medium, we are constantly being reborn. Or not. Humbug! I have already stained and tainted the special arrival, and convoluted and complexed what might have been innocent and stupid and good. I have filthied the swaddling clothes! Well what did I expect?  At least I stuck some words together to see what would happen, and got stuck trying to see what would happen when I stuck words together.

Opinion or Bollox?

I, I, eye, Aye. Maybe the Economist has the right idea. Anonymous, impartial, objective. That makes their particular opinions more reliable does it? Or is it just a style that removes the tracks and lineage of authorship, splitting the chain of call and response that defines modern media and possibly makes the writer more responsible (And I Call Upon th Author to Explain)? Surely not- the Economist has a large and literate readership that use their large and literate brains to carefully consider and weigh the fact-based objectivity of articles- They have a letters page, and can fire writers that attract the wrong kind of attention.

The Lending of Ears to the Most Recent of Fears

Here it is though, the face of modern media, the incredible pinnacle of thousands of years of constantly progressing humanity: A thousand racist youtube comments,  a million fake reviews of latest models, an anxious hyper-reality where so much commentary shifts reality to the second degree- where it is fear of what might happen that triggers what will happen, where self-fullfillment is fuelled by the lending of ears and cheapness of spreading of word. But there I go again, spinning muddled words into puddles of  random nonsense. Who the hell am I to pass judgement at such a level? Show me some statistics instead…

Newness Again

No. I bloody hate statistics, though I wish I understood them better- the maths that is. Mass opinion is self-regulatory. The most popular story on news websites are clicked on the most, making them the most popular stories. Aha says you, so where do the new stories come from? Why are we still not all clicking on that six thousand year old classic ‘Adam Bites Apple, God Smites Adam’? Well theres a flow, from newness to popularity, to oldness to gone.  So there has to be an original pique of interest that makes it stand out from the crowd. But are these transient headlines indicative of beliefs and opinion? Well surely the comments are- composed and communicated as they are. Well, the main thing is that positive and negative feedback loops are amazing and powerful things, driving forces behind genetics, recessions, and monopolies.

This is far too long. A good old ramble that nobody will finish. Little did you know, that if you read to the end, you would have discoverd incredible gems of inventive directives. Life is Short! I have many Regrets! Lets not get vindictive now, even if the word sounds good. Now I’m going to have to read it myself to fix the mistakes.

Hello world. It sounded good the first time. I know though, that if I could hear a fraction of every ‘hello world’ spoken even as I speak it now, I would no longer hear myself at all. So goodbye Hello World, I shall deconstruct you further in another birth/berth.

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