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crunch it up and throw it out
where it is when you’re not about
driving home and i’m driving on
with a head of air in sand
Buried there by my own hand

Tear it off and burn it down
Why it still smokes when you’re not around
Smiling face in the darkest place
With the edge of night coming fast
Hedge your fist of bets to last

Break it down and take it in
When it goes off I see you spin
Heavy heart holds fears apart
And the break of dusty dawn
Will never take so long

Self destruct and think about it
Distract the centre with
Images of events spent
Pushing stones uphill
With open wounded skill

Round in circles day to day
Forget the world’s greater display
Mentions of moments laid to rest
Spaces between pauses lean
Against the flow that has always been.

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