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fire below zero

Stars beyond the street lights
Ice settled on the road
December silently cold
Tell tale signs of a heart on fire

Will it keep me warm on the way home?
Make up for lost jackets and hours?
Or will it only fall into emotional fission
Tear apart the meaning of things

Mindful as ever,
Tripping over looping thoughtstreams
But clear as that chilled air,
The closeness and the moment foster longing there

How the restraint is tested
Winter buds hiding from the frost
But aching to burst forth in midnight bloom
Only to taste sharp rejection’s cruellest cost

Here comes the snow
To swallow the sleeping world
Catching fools like me off guard
Throwing life anon in eager earnest agony

It is a strange blaze that lights the soul
Or whatever word fits the internals
The mute unfolding of dna transcended
Rickety peace and faithless purpose

And what a strange thing I am
Balanced carefully on a knife edge of immature torment
Calling up storms of hail and sleet to better express my meaning
While leaning back to look for your attention

And there to the crux
Those restless feet that make me forget every other dancer
And for a while I forget too the numbers game and the cards dealt
And pure simple desire steals air to make flame

In the crooked circles I weave
Helpless and forgetfull
Mortal and selfish
what would would not otherwise exist

With every falling flake
Complexity returns to sweep out the dreams
The waking world learns the difficulties of shoveling snow
Frostbitten romantics snake into offices to serve shy distracted labour

Clueless and unbidden
Every time I get lost I find the same old landmarks
Early explanitory habits
But no frame of reference to complete the surface of things

Maybe I will try again,
To get a spark from old broken matches
And burn bright the cold kindling
But who knows what will be set ablaze?

So I see my lonesome brethern
And they chant far better lines
More skilled at this sui-surgery
And measured in their rhyme

And I see the mood is fading
Music shifting key
But the iced cars may not start this morning
We will have to wait and see

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