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Wonderful Things

Up and down, so it goes. repeat something often enough, it becomes a mantra. The good with the bad. i wrote a song about acknowledging in a time of loss that good things can happen. The cold winter earth harbours the bursting buds of Spring.


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Recorded simply in one take with Audacity, sparse as usual, one effect (reverb) to add some depth.

Chords are as simple. Dm C G


I wanted to ask you if you feel the same,
I wanted to see for myself as well.
It’s been a while it’s been too long,
The earth has moved the year has gone.

Chorus Wonderful things can happen (X 3)
If we let them…

I got on the bus and I got on that plane,
And life since then hasn’t been the same.
I wanted to fight but I had to wait,
The lights blew out and it grows so late.

I look to the future but see the past,
The sun in my clouds and flags at half mast.
A chink in my armour, a glint in your eye,
I’m seeing your season passing me by.

Now your replies are remote and the calls have stopped,
I’m fully aware of what I have lost.
I wake in the mornings and I can’t get up,
But the birds in the garden will interrupt, saying…

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