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More of the Same

they say that things change with time
but I just keep changing my mind
baby please don’t always keep what you find
the world’s deep but we’re falling behind

I hear age teaches a lesson,
I’m repeating some old childhood rhyme
So the touch of your skin does not suck me in
So the sight of your face does not burn

Here we are, so it goes
The time skips when it flows
I been scheming and dreaming,
between the walls and the ceiling,
we are open we are broken we are closed…

don’t claim that there’s nothing to say now
don’t throw off your grasp on today
We are living this show, and will get there I know
once we loosen these feet from the clay

Well the past keeps on driving us forward,
While these actions are throwing us back.
And the circles we trace are an unfolding maze
of patterns that are shaping our track



Now profound is a soul-searching concept
That builds us up high from a low.
To marvel at all of the meaning of moving
And say that it just goes to show

See the road where it winds in the darkness
And the river bent back in the ground
You can hear it flow near and then slow dissapear
In the clear there is noone around


===Possible Chorus Extension===
We are kneeling and leaning,
To hang on to meaning
You are drifting I’m distant, at arms length entangled,
There are gaps in the stories and tales

We are borrowed and lending
Our Loose edges bending
Our shapes to make haste and get on with the mending
Of our children in the humdrum from the yards that are fulsome
To win out while we wait out what fails.

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