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Somebody New, Somebody Now

Under my arm, books full of winding words.
Wonderful yarns, pointing out to other worlds.
Under some spell, can’t see past this week.
Giving it hell, inheriting from the meek.

Driving from the back seat, car won’t slow down.
Waking from a bad dream, the face beside me clears my frown.
Can’t stop thinking, my head spins when I try.
Someone is sinking, keep me in your sky.

Passage of time, pointing out of view.
Massage my mind, push away the blue.
Message inside, some promise to myself.
Guessing I’m right, to chase or follow it.

The devil’s in the detail, but I’m too close to the screen,
To see real clearly, the way things are not what they seem.
The pattern is repeating, In spaces in my mind.
Habits are deleting, the place I used to find.

Rummage around, find a reason for this mess.
Hear some sound, hear the tune there less and less.
Cover new ground, open up and out.
Throw away mirrors, get away and get about.

Somebody is preaching, balanced in the flow.
Burning off the leeches, they can’t go where I go.
The pattern is repeating, no matter how hard I try,
But I am not retreating, keep me in your sky.

In your sky, off your bow,
Somebody new, somebody now.

In your sky, off your bow,
Somebody new, somebody now.

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