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spilling over

Up at the dawn with an eye to the breeze
Still half asleep with a head full of dreams
The cool air is clear here it fills up my lungs
The night put behind me left speaking in tongues

And life spills from my hands
When i try to make demands..

The morning is yawning but there’s no way to stay,
The bright leaves of Autumn on a September day
A stranger to guide me or to get me so lost
That I fail to remember what I came here for first

And life spills from my hands,
As i wander through these lands.

The seasons are flowing from one to the next,
But I’m stranded and static and covered in dust
Shake me awake from this warm comfort zone
Send me away to get out on my own.

And life spills from my hands
When i seek to tie the strands

And life spills from my hands
And ignores my own commands.

It’s mashed up and mixed up and rolling at pace
The lines of your fine times are etched on your face
Decisions revisions, rich pickings to claim
Distractions, retractions, left seeming the same.

And life spills from my hands
What i know misunderstands

We’re uptight but upright and rising the curve
Statistics predicting the fate of the world
In debt and in doubt and in full disrepair
But still we can savour the taste of the air.

Yes life spills from my hands
When i try to grip too hard to plans…

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