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To Slowly Grow

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Waiting, waiting again. Way in, still in to begin.
Stranded, abandoned by fate. Handed, my papers too late.

Wandered into the wilderness, lost my compass and my map.
From point to point I must impress, the scale of things, the beat i tap,
The feet i track.

Patience, a virtue indeed. Courage, to win or concede.
Nonsense, around us so deep, Promises that noone hopes to keep.

Contradictions will abound, the roaring crowd are following the sound.
Below, the ground above the topsy turvy tears are borrowed
From love

Wasted, with values intact. A generation missed out on the act.
Dangling, my dearest and me, Hanging now to see what we will see.

Life’s decisions torn asunder, is it any wonder that we
Leave a sinking ship behind, in fever’s dreams no peace of mind
No calm to find.

Crazy, crazy to stop, Heartbeats rhytmic like a clock.
Someday, will surely arrive. Right now, we must survive.

Life together, life apart, is it a job is it an art?
Confidence held by a thread, maybe time to fill the gaps
Slowly growing sharply fall, from heights we thought we’d seen it all.
Come crumbling down around us now once bitten twice too shy instead
To clear our heads.

C Am
F G C Cm? Am
F G C Cm? Am G

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