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Money in the meter,
Honey in my head
Money in the meter,
Frozen in my bed

Hardly in the moment
Hurry, get ahead, but
Barely any movement,
Somewhere else instead.

And oh the restless guests they are not feeling all the best
They are rattling empty bottles and complaining of the low
Now come across those meanings and get them off your chest
It’s a live live oh in the spotlights of the show

Better off in transit,
Or setting foot in homes
Bitter from the transit,
Living off their loans

Startled by a welcome
Stranger caught off guard
Visiting hours are lonesome
Leaving always hard.

But why the hanging face when all the features are in place?
Why cut the growing space with guilty thoughts that dull the glow
Falling back on extracts- someone else’s propped up days
Still a live live oh in the spotlights of the show

Money in the meter
Counting down and out
Time spent in ether
Throwing weight about

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