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All Tracks Lead to Hear


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In the image of a love, a parody of plainness,
I was knocking around, suffering from sameness.
On an edge, on a corner, on a line.

Now the sun is raised up, over ruins in back yards.
That centuries ago, laid low by old hands.
In a flash, in an instant, in our time.

Well they say it’s not good, they say it’s not worth it.
Put sugar in their food, eat sweet for breakfast.
Say why, don’t you buy, and sing along.

So I try to stem change, like a rock in a river,
But I’m harried by age, and the current grows quicker.
On a path, on this line, too far gone.

In the image of love, that’s easy on the eye.
Catch a glimpse above, of a shadow in the sky,
With the clouds, all around, rolling by.

In the turn of a phrase, the twists of a knife.
From a doze to a daze, how the game is played.
I know it ain’t my scene to steal no more.

Take the pieces of the puzzle, spread them all along the beach,
Let the tide roll in, pull them out of reach.
Let them go, let it flow from the shore.

Tag and you’re it, hide and seek for kicks.
When the music stops, teach your soul to sit.
Don’t let anyone, don’t let anyone bring you down.

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