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Capo 4th fret

G Am C D

Haven’t you heard?

They’re taking pictures of your mind

Haven’t you learned?

It’s getting far too dark to find

Simple and straight,

Soft spoken silence leaves it late

Stand up and turn

Her shadow fading from the world

Turn to the sky,

Turn upside down and inside out and

Ask yourself why

Till questions flame and burn you up and


Over the top and push right through,

I can’t see the world the way I used to do

Getting it right,

Follow fickle dreams till life is out of sight

Breaking the mould, take out the guts shape what you have found

Forsaking the old, keeping awake to turn the levers round…

To face the future now

To face the future now


Were you not told?

That somewhere out there in the sand there’s gold

Worth a good fight

What interesting features in the night.

You came and you went

A tide of feelings whipped in by the wind

Now calm in the air

Cannot hide the thunder looming there

Turn to the sky

Express your sentiment and yearn to fly

Childish and cruel,

Begin again to play the patient fool.

My face is a mess,

My symmetry is losing what is left

Broken and bought

Bent out of shape by gravity and thought

Life is a guess

Random number generator test

Pulsing with flow

Put two and two together for the rest

I’ll see you again

Maybe sometime our paths will pass so close

To reach out and in

Ridiculous rid off the words of spin

One thought on “Rutstuky

  1. as in stuck in a rut? i like. wish i could play guitar i’d give it a shot…

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