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Dripterium Tremendum

For old times sake
Let the self dissolve
Stand in the river of time and pay attention
No preaching now
Reaching out and leaning
Windswept and honest
For no one cause
Questions raindrops keeping pace
Osmosis in the end

I will take a slower line
Shuffle along a narrow path
Looking left and right
Darkness lighting the way
Though the smell of the spring and exploding green
Filling the air with gracious blossom
That fall away even as I try to find the words
To keep their palest colours alive
And the hedges bursting forth
Shrouding the roads in rampant growth
Mocking with their annual birth
The numbers of the numbered.
Damn its passing!
Curse its transient path!
Swear aloud against the dimming light…
Some sillohuette I make,
Average and angled and slight.

I will be awoken by a person
And set afoot to take up what I may
A cardboard vessel,
hard edged world
Every fine detail
tied and hurled
Aloft in a spitting gale.

I will be awoken by a person
But once is not enough
Must be a way to find a way to
go complex in the simple
embrace and unwind

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