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Pains for gains.

Pain is a funny thing,
Screaming voice to stop
Whatever you are doing
Now until it leaves

Many different types
Gangs of mutual enemies
Super villan collections
For every possible weakness

Like everything bar habit
Quickly forgotten,
State of being
Cannot be maintained

Oncoming buzz of the physical
Heavy dread of coiled anxiety
Angry biting snap of a sharp blow
Baited hooks of mistakes that grow

The self, mutated, driven out
Herding possibles away from the light
Fleeing systems move on without
Out of mind when out of sight

Light coating of nascent nostalgia
Weighty pang of well worn lonliness
Stomach wrenching jolt of nausea
Dead hard pulse of a rotten tooth

From the inside of a cloud
In full retreat sighing
Whatever now allowed
In our time of trying

Embrace the thousand natural shocks!
Do not search for the comfort of a warm bed!
Every resting point an incarcerating box
Quick to morph into restless dread.

Pains for gains
Spit for foul
Full funny gales
Stolen howl.

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