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Song: Cutouts

In the winter of the will where we have parked,
There are new words dealing in the dark,
Out you go – all you know.
In the time spun off the clock where we are sinking,
There are distant pretty …

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BadReview: Crime and Punishment, play,

BadReview: Crime and Punishment, play, Druid Theatre Galway, October 2017.

It’s one of those books that you might happen to namedrop the odd time.

“It’s a bit Dostoyevskian, isn’t it?”
Doss Toyevskian?
“A bit Crime and Punishment perhaps?”
Phshsh! It’s

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Poem: Us & Then (Exabyte)

Us & Then (Exabyte)

Billows of dust
Thickened and dry
Colour of rust
Blotting the sky

Comments flicker in the fallen night
(A trillion stars in a trillion galaxies)
Flickering, bickering, faraway old light of
1000000000000000000000000 stars

Go on, get …

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Poem: Solstice on Skye Road

Summer Solstice, 2017

To watch from a distance
The world settle in for its night
From a bank high up under the Skye Road
Where I can make out
The comforts of lights in windows
And cars in drives
And …

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Day in the life

donal kelly photography

Last of May, 2017.
One camera, one roll of film, one day: get objective on the reality of being me, here, now, today

Canon F1n, Fuji 200 35mm film. Mostly on 35mm f2 and 50mm f1.4 lenses, with 1 shot …

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Short Story: A Fairy Gust

Hokusai: Ejiri in the Suruga Province

***page title image: Ejiri in the Province of Suruga, by Katsushika Hokusai (1832)***

“A fairy gust,” said the mother to herself in the kitchen.

It had come flung from the Atlantic, down through the low mountains and into the narrow …

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Dispatches, February 2017

Claddagh Quay, September 2016: Donal Kelly

I’ve just left Temple Cafe in the Corn Store, and their grilled chicken sandwich on sourdough bread. Two old ladies, walking slowly in conversation along St Augustine Street. A man on the opposite side of the street, going the other …

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Poem: Breaking News

people in dublin

This poem is called Breaking News

This is it guys
It’s happening
Clear the decks
This is breaking
I want pictures
Get the victim names
Find them on Facebook
Cross reference with LinkedIn:
We need names, faces, stories, now

Quick …

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Hundred Year Ago

Dublin 2016

“Proclamayssion two yuuroos! Proclamyssion only two yurooos!”

The proclamations are mostly in the plastic bag, but a few are held up to passers by. Outside the G.P.O., under the narrow pin of the Spire, on the wide, fast food epicentre …

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A Tuesday

driving at night

One day, one camera, one roll of film. Point it at yourself. Try to make it an eye in the sky, a documenter of who you are and where you are and what’s going on one randomly selected day. Dig …