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Pains for gains.

Pain is a funny thing,
Screaming voice to stop
Whatever you are doing
Now until it leaves

Many different types
Gangs of mutual enemies
Super villan collections
For every possible weakness

Like everything bar habit
Quickly forgotten,
State of being…

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Working Man

Not as if it’s real work either,
hunched over a keyboard
Trying not to drift
To another website found forgotten

What I wouldn’t give for the ache of an honest day
Shovelling shit into a ditch or aiming some loud …

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motivate (the side)

what’s my motivation,
does it get a top ovation?
have I spent too long a-knockin on your door?

what’s my dedication,
will it stand the time of waiting?
Do I have the right of standing on that …

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Hello world!

Liftoff- Hello, Cruel World.

On your Marks!…  Get Set!… … er… <twiddles thumbs>… I think I need to sit down. I was sure I had something worth saying a minute ago. I mean, who doesn’t? Surely everyone has a useful …