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Blunk… (Blog+Junk)

no contact-
slip away

no counting-
not today

no closer-
giving way

not trying-
hard to say

packed bags
picking scabs
stood too still to stay

the past chimes
with future crimes
built from the same …

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More of the Same

they say that things change with time
but I just keep changing my mind
baby please don’t always keep what you find
the world’s deep but we’re falling behind

I hear age teaches a lesson,
I’m repeating some old …

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Live and Learn

Reality crunchin downwards,
Spitting shards strike pure.
Sudden-stop momentum,
Heart now moved for sure.

Motion burned in anger,
Vented in vacant space.
Twisted waiting danger,
Resltess smiling face

Instinct taking over,
Trust suspended low.
The self withheld and sober,
The …

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An attempt at a traditional ballad. The speaker is wondering how he managed to dream away his life and let love and friendship languish… when he was young he dreamed of the future, then he tried to forget his distracted

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Capo 4th fret

G Am C D

Haven’t you heard?

They’re taking pictures of your mind

Haven’t you learned?

It’s getting far too dark to find

Simple and straight,

Soft spoken silence leaves it late

Stand up and turn

Her …

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Pains for gains.

Pain is a funny thing,
Screaming voice to stop
Whatever you are doing
Now until it leaves

Many different types
Gangs of mutual enemies
Super villan collections
For every possible weakness

Like everything bar habit
Quickly forgotten,
State of being…

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Dripterium Tremendum

For old times sake
Let the self dissolve
Stand in the river of time and pay attention
No preaching now
Reaching out and leaning
Windswept and honest
For no one cause
Questions raindrops keeping pace
Osmosis …

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Grumpletilt Mumbles Anew

in from the wild
the cold, the child
a signal born
a signal filed

when everything you do or say
is recorded, reported, distorted

when everything you touch today
is broken, mislaid, contorted

and everyone you try to turn to…

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Working Man

Not as if it’s real work either,
hunched over a keyboard
Trying not to drift
To another website found forgotten

What I wouldn’t give for the ache of an honest day
Shovelling shit into a ditch or aiming some loud …

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Lazy Day Limbo

Does it move?
Is it dead?
Look at him poke it now with a stick, oh it comes to life and throws a kick,
And blinded by a waking rage, rattles the world against its cage…

Day, over. Can’t quite …

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Hand to Foot in Mouth

Hand to foot in mouth,
Leg to lean about
Clumsy stilted awkward tries

Arm to shoot and point
Head to air annoint
Relaxed forgetful onward flies

hand to foot in mouth
Voice to cast it out
Surprise surmised in medium …

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Incredible Developments Afoot

Since nobody reads anything except the headlines, I can put anything here in the body. Since the world is a stagnent overflow of steaming information, I can expect to be lost in its mass. My, hasn’t everything changed so much …

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Someone’s Gotta

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Someone’s Gotta

Le Chords
Am F G …

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motivate (the side)

what’s my motivation,
does it get a top ovation?
have I spent too long a-knockin on your door?

what’s my dedication,
will it stand the time of waiting?
Do I have the right of standing on that …

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Hello world!

Liftoff- Hello, Cruel World.

On your Marks!…  Get Set!… … er… <twiddles thumbs>… I think I need to sit down. I was sure I had something worth saying a minute ago. I mean, who doesn’t? Surely everyone has a useful …