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The Blank Slate

Demo: [audio:|titles=Blank Slate]

It’s a long wait, for the blank slate, to begin to, make ammends to everybody
talking, without cables, disconnected, unaffected, wishing they were
alright- not so uptight, not so clued out, not so ignorant, telling others’ stories
going global, going postal, going everywhere and anywhere
broken, understatement, needs replacement, needs a long hard look, but it’s
too late, there’s a contract, it’s a cold fact, you have bet your bottom dollar on a
way out, on a last shout, on a gadget, must admit that it is tragic
overloaded, unexploded, all eroded, missing something necessary

called the way to go.
impossible not to know.
words come out confused.
can’t help feeling you’re being (used).

(used) for, something odd here, something unclear, something cynical and clever but you’re
alright, you are hard-wired, you are just tired, and incapable of giving in to
pressure, that you measure, that you treasure, that you hold as long as you can
till it has to, find an outlet, and it’s ok, it is comical seen
looking foolish, feeling brutish, needing new things, when the nature of collapsing
is a sell out, for the neighbours, for the kids who, will adore you, till you tell them it’s a
miracle- a setup, you were cheating, they are leaving, but they will go on repeating
with the fashions, with their rations, in their nations, motherfucking situation

called the way to go
impossible not to know
the world gets too confused
can’t help feeling that you are being (ab)used

it’s a long wait, for this blank slate, to become full, to become dull, now you want to
start back, with a clear head, with a light touch, and appreciate the beauty of the
missed look, of the soft glance, of the lost dance, of the rush of the blood to the
head when, it has to begin, it will let you, have a second chance to screw up and to
try out, new disguises, new surprises, new ambitions to accept the world
around you, but you’re hard-wired, evolutioned, convoluted, tethered to your
self-help, in a manual, in a hard-back, what you must lack losing your
momentum, and you’re now undone, in the humdrum, left balancing on what you know is

called the way to go
impossible not to know
your ways have come unstuck
can’t help feeling that you’re out of luck.

chords: verse E A, chorus D A E

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