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Deserting the Circus

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Hungry hunter hot on your heels, money no good for whatever he steals.
Wait now for the moment to come, knots that they tied all coming undone.

I ‘d rather get up, I’d rather get out, I’d rather stay quiet, i’d rather not shout-
See all these obstacles barriers bone diggers,
Break up the show sitting swearing at those who will

Keep all your money, and reap what you sowed,
Will the last man out make sure the doors are all closed?

Soldier of pieces up to no good, holding fig leaves to his peers in the hood.
Ears of the people borrowed and bought,
Lies from the corner of a hypocrite’s mouth.

Need to stay put, need to stay in,
Need to say stop, acknowledge the stink
Politics, dirty tricks, underhand shit that sticks,
Maybe it’s gonna change not if they rearrange

All of the choices, the unpaid invoices,
Will the last man out, kill all the light switches?

Media circus whipping the crowd, vultures in circles close to the ground.
Business as usual closing us down again,
Inverted perspectives in smiles see a frown within.

Harbour the anger, thoughts all at sea, The motives of managers hoping to flee.
Fail to makes sense of the density incensed we, try to take flight with our wings set alight

Throwing us money, now teach us to beg, the last one out is the rotten egg.

Embers of enmity openings offerings
Positive punitives using them bruising in
Taking a side or too finding you hide the view.
Focus on riding the waves and remaining (true)

(True) to your principles that turned upside down when
The circus is empty, who needs a clown?

capo 2nd, Em A7… C Bm C D

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