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Here, or hardly, or highly

a little bit vague no? water calm and soft and a slight blue in the last evening of the year, dog racing from pier to random pier, chasing birds or shadows. So it silently slid by, and what little space is left to grip and drag sheetlike to cover out the draughts. The year is out, but surely just an arbitrary shell of a thing, an organizational accident. We have to start counting somewhere. But we have to stop too, and no less arbitrary, and no less the other queues of random chosen alternatives. Had to pick some starting point, doesn’t mean it means nothing.

Hmmm. Look forward or look back? Look in or look out? Not a big fan of endings, but nothing wrong with beginnings. The year has been a game of snakes and ladders, ups and downs, nothing dramatic but some interesting incidents. Now with finances depleted, and a feeling that repetition may grow to be a difficult foe, there is a need to face forward, as usual and move on.

Truth be told, every new year feels like deja Vu. The same beginning again. If I could finally define the aims then maybe I could achieve them. But I cannot become bogged down in fatalism or grind to a halt finding futility in the tinyness of all things. Hmmm, I propose an intention to at least try, to find in myself the idea of life as a challenge, not to overcome but to experience in different forms. And maybe somewhere my ego will wander off screen and let the rest of us get on with it.

Happy new year!!!!!

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