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Stolen March

I don’t know the when and where
I’ll find you then and meet you there
In the end it’s all the same
Stolen march and borrowed fame.

I folded it and passed it on,
A paper declaration of, my doubt
Take a chance and stick to it,
you never know where you might get, or not.

I say who,
What about you, now?
They say who,
What about you, now?

Skip the intro, skip the start,
Lets cut right to the stony heart,
Melt the steel and crush the rock,
Your petal’s edge is sharp enough

My confidence is compromised,
My faith in life is undermined, again.
But when you’re in my line of sight,
My heavy feet become so light, amen.

They go who,
is coming through now?
I know you,
And everything you do now.

If it’s so hard then why not stop?
Keep pushing on with all you’ve got,
Someday soon you’ll reach the edge,
I’ll meet you there out on the ledge.

Feelings come and feelings go,
The fastest words will sink so slow.
You’re in my arms and in my mind,
You’re where I can’t begin to find…

You say who
Who you want to be now?
they say who
who the hell are we?


One of these days
One of these pills
A passing phase
Between the fills.

One of these days
On one of these hills
The fading rays
Of goodnight’s chills.

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