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And it won’t go right away
It won’t go anyhow
Can’t forget what has been said
Or bury everyone in sand

Streets are crossing through my head
Traffic jams at every bend.
Roads converge in tangled webs
Lights go green and then go red.

You can go build some walls
Experiment with your architecture
Try build a room over it all
To cover cracks of the latest fracture

So hard to make the day seem new,
But that’s just what you have to do.
Every thought calls memories,
That whisper what you seem to be.

Conversation echoes back.
So many steps lead of the track.
voices challenge every move.
but there is nothing left to prove.

You can go build some walls,
Experiment with your architecture.
Try build a room over it all,
To cover cracks of the latest fracture.

Take a pill to quench the rain
Take a jacket for the rain
Take apart the world within
Let it out but don’t give in

Gotta find a way to make it fresh,
A tool to cut away the mesh.
I’ll wait for you another while,
I’ll wait until you walk that mile.

So you can tear down your walls,
Explode the whole of your architecture.
Blow up the room that holds it all,
Discover order inside the structure.

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