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Are you there?

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So you’re deeply seeking to keep awake,
Because your dreams are making your days’ life seem fake
And you’re disillusioned about all that you have,
In the eyes of others you see someone mad.

And are you there waiting for me?

In this time that we find ourselves we fail to make sense,
Of the changes arranging our present tense.
And rapidly distracted from the task at hand,
Coming back to me in actions from a distant land.

And are you there, waiting for me?
Across virtual oceans and the real-life sea,
Are you there waiting for me?

I confess my ignorance as a daily prayer-
It is the only offering that I frequently dare.
But out there somewhere in the guise of a muse,
Is the mind over matter that is choosing to choose.

And are you there waiting for me?
Over virtual oceans over rolling seas,
What is now was and will ever be,
But are you there, waiting for me?

My blind spot it cuts out the truth of the light
And a black hole with no soul has swallowed the night.
The stars are aligned there to promise I’ll get,
But I know not myself so I still say not yet.

And were you there, waiting for me?
When I turned on the world and tried to force myself free
From the loss and the love that was patiently there
Without insult the injured showed us how to care
And you were there, waiting for me.

chords: Em G D C
and G C Bm C D G C G for chorus

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