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Leave your shack,
Can’t look back,
Feet falling as they cover cracks
Time to move my mindset, and move it right
Fight the dying rays of this fading light
So you’re so young now
But it won’t last long
This weak old man was once just as strong
Gather up those thoughts
Harvest in those crops
Pull in your nets and traps
before the winter drops

Just a show, kind of slow, kind of slow

Make a mental note
To get a bigger vote
Burn the ballot card
While the living’s hard
Don’t turn away to think
Go look it in the eye
Smell the rising stink
Where your reasons fly
Call the waiter here
Pay up the bill and clear
Before the food is delivered
We got the future considered
Change is not an option
It’s a solid fact
Arrange yourself so option
It becomes an act

Are we in control, When we’re so remote- Are we in control?

I was alone that night, on my own again
Listening to the silence
Some forgotten sin
Lets be polite and plain
Swap the sun for rain
While we speak and shrug
Of what I can’t explain
Now computer teeth
Reach for the climate switch
Hungry money greet
Starve inside the ditch
Still symmetry hold
Some order in the fold
Aimless story told
To warm the simply cold

Just a show, don’t you know, weren’t you told?

Are we in control, when we’re so remote, were you never told?

Is that a sound outside, better go an check
My paranoi primed, my picture looks a wreak,
Gotta take a shower, need to clean my mind
Try to chase the power, don’t know what I’ll find
In every story mud, in every moment dirt
In what you thought was good
Just get your money’s worth
Our eyes are sieves and signs
Our love is stretched and strained
Our shadows mock our lines
Nothing ventured gained

It was just a show, it was so remote, and I’ll never know.

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