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Reboot, Reload, Repeat

why is it easier to come up with a new tune than to make an old one better and why do they start to sound the same if you come up with a lot? I need some new dimensions in these tunsions.
el demo: [audio:|titles=reboot]

Tinsel minstrels battle cries
Long term loans short term highs
Rolling rolling rolling rolling now
Hear my message, hear it clear
Not ready to disappear
Going going going going down

Comes in waves swamps our lives random acts no surprise to me

Selfish instinct keeps us tight
Some momentum through tonight
Open open open open wide
Wait your turn, case adjourned
Freely wander through the world
Flowing flowing flowing underground

Hand in hand age to age wind that blows turns the page you see

Wired together hand to foot
Stormy weather in the gut
Holding holding holding holding out
Scorn yourself and look away
Who do you want to be today?
Rolling rolling rolling rolling on

Street wise sharp eyes quick tongue slick lies
Lose your way pay off your own spies maybe
Comes in waves and swamps our lives
These random acts are no surprise to me

Don’t understand the master plan oh no
Don’t have a clue, what should I do oh no
Don’t feel the same, no proper aim, to go.

chords: capo 2nd
Em d7 c7
0 5 3
0 7 5
0 6 3
2 7 5
2 5 3
0 x x

a7 c7 d7 c7 d7

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